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Massage, to help the body

learn massage, to help the Relief of any part of the body

Massages can be regarded as a technique, art or science, since it includes the biological, medical, psychological and other issues. It is believed that the massage to help the body are used to relax the muscles, relieve pain and induce sleep.
Massage can perform several functions.
There are different types of massage:
- Therapeutic massage (which improve circulation, help restore mobility and reduce sickness)
- Physiological massage (to relieve fatigue)
- Sports massage (training an athlete to participate in the competition)
- Relaxing massage (they provide comfort and adjust tension)
- Preventive massage (to relax the tense region that can lead to injury), etc.
Massage can be formed on any part of the body such as the back, legs, neck, feet, hands, etc.
When the massage to help the body must use the substances, such as oils, creams, body milk, honey, chocolate, mud, etc., or any device, such as vibration, depending on the massage (therapeutic, relaxation, back, legs, and so on) and the area.
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